2012 Total  - 2659!!!

In our setting we are getting the children involved in gardening and having lots of fun with it!

We collected the vouchers in 2011 and many kind people donated their vouchers to us.

It is important that children placed with childminders and in day nurseries not connected with schools get the same opportunities as the children attending school or school nursery.

If anyone would like to collect vouchers for us please let me know and I would be happy to send you a S.A.E for you to post them to us. alternatavley if you want to pop them in or just send them to us the address is on our contacts page (no 87)

Thank you!!!!!!

to everyone who has donated vouchers so far.

Our 2012 Order -

CodeItemQuantityVoucher QuantityTotal Vouchers
LG2032Fabric 3 tier wall planter + fixings2667 1334
LG2139Young child's hand fork122 22
LG2137Young child's hand rake122 22
LG2138Young child's hand trowel122 22
LG2211Bird nesting box kits x 121360 360
LG2186Children's rigger garden gloves - medium269 138
LG2185Children's rigger garden gloves - small169 69
LG22294-tier mini greenhouse1533 533
LG2069Sweetcorn Minipop F1119 19
LG2086Pepper (Chilli)219 38
LG2087Tomato (Gardeners' Delight)119 19
LG2085Cucumber (Marketmore)119 19
LG2103Spinach (Emilia)119 19
LG2108Coriander (Cilantro)119 19
LG2114Rocket119 19

The children are never too young to have some involvement in gardening and all that goes with it!

2011 we managed to collect  926 vouchers

Some were donated by parent's and people connected with the setting and some were donated by people who we dont even know some of who just posted them though our door as we have the sign displayed out front.

With our vouchers we managed to get -

Young hands trowels rakes and forks

Young child's gloves

Potato tubers

Lettuce seeds

Carrot seeds

Child's watering can

Propagater set

Larger trowel & fork

Sunflower seeds

Plant pots

Plastic cutters

Measuring jug

People shaped metal cutters





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