Forms & Guidance

You are now able to download various forms to make registration with Ladybird childminding quicker and easier for all parties.

Once you have decided you want to take up a place with us you can download the relavant forms and fill them out before coming for your signing up visit.

To make putting together your child's file easier for us, where possible if there is more than one page to a document please try to print double sided as these documents will go to form a book.

Dont worry if you can download the forms we have copies in the setting that you can fill out at your visit.

Please note this page is password protected so only parents wishing to take up a place with us or others with permission can download the forms, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE LOGIN DETAILS TO ANYONE ELSE!!

emergency contacts form.docx emergency contacts form.docx
Size : 77.607 Kb
Type : docx
emergency contact high school.docx emergency contact high school.docx
Size : 78.255 Kb
Type : docx

When filing out the following forms please make sure you provide as much detail as possible to allow us to provide appropriate care for your child.

record form.docx record form.docx
Size : 84.278 Kb
Type : docx
record form over 8,s.docx record form over 8,s.docx
Size : 79.854 Kb
Type : docx

Please fill out the form that suites the needs of your child best, the older child form is designed for children of approx 11 ys but depending on the development/care needs of your childs you may need to fill out the larger form, for any age child please ensure you download the permission form 2 doc also.

Permissions Forms.docx Permissions Forms.docx
Size : 16.637 Kb
Type : docx
Permissions Form older child.docx Permissions Form older child.docx
Size : 15.182 Kb
Type : docx
permission 2.docx permission 2.docx
Size : 12.979 Kb
Type : docx

More forms to be added soon!

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